Skill Bots - Leverage Conversational Interfaces, AI and Machine Learning for Recruitment 

Find the right candidates with verifiable coding skills using automated tools

Focus is continuously trying to improve the process of finding the right skills for jobs. Based on our experience in screening candidates for more than two decades, we are working on several technologies. Focus is developing a slew of Skill Bots, meet our flagship bot - iBo

Interview Bot

Interview Bot (iBo) is a chatbot. It supports a human like conversational interface for interviewing candidates. iBo supports a combination of three types of questions to be asked during an interview.
• Multiple choice questions - These are typically asked to assess the factual and conceptual knowledge of a candidate.
• Coding Questions - The true grit of a programmer is normally measured by their ability to solve programming problems. iBo can assess coding skills by giving the candidate a set of problems. It allows them to write code online and test it several times and submit the solution. Every programming challenge includes a set of unit tests to assess the robustness of the code.
• Open Questions - These questions assess the candidate's skill in communicating their knowledge and experience best.

iBo is an automated conversational agent. We use a combination of emerging technologies to create a human like interaction:
• A Messaging Interface which people are familiar with
• Natural Language Understanding technologies from popular AI engines of Microsoft/Google (Microsoft LUIS, Google
• Cloud based technologies
• Automated Code compilers/testers

In addition to Interview Bots we are building a few other bots and tools to create verified programming profiles of candidates. We are also planning to develop Conversational analyzers, Code Analyzers, Tools for Building Bots, Tools for crowd sourcing content.
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Tweet Collector

Tweet Collector is a service that gathers tweets and makes them available in a convenient downloadable format for analysis. 

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Conversion Predictor

Conversion Predictor is a service to predict conversion from trial users of a SaaS product to paid subscriptions, using Supervised Learning to predict conversion probabilities.

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Gmail Extractor

Gmail extractor allows a user to mine mail messages and save them into a CSV or JSON format for later processing. 

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